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Someone get me a floating text box so people can 'hear' me.

Lost my voice + sore throat and cough. Wheee. Either sick or a severe case of allergies, either way: it=teh suck.
So I should be laying down right now or something... does sitting here count? x.x

I feel like I should do something semi-productive. I'm tired but not tired enough to just drop to sleep and stiff enough that it's uncomfortable to get off my ass. Found a three year old text file with quiz codes in it, maybe I'll go through and see how many are the same now. Or brainstorm for characters at places.

In other news, in my friend's Eberron campaign, 2.5 (one is sometimes there) level 7 people vs a Drowned undead after being hit with a tsunami of water = OW-OW-OW x.X We knew we were in serious trouble when I action pointed the turning check got 20 + 6, and he said he'd even give me a extra HD worth for the natural 26... and failed. (/cry) More than 13D12, and the check result being refered to as 'not even close'. He later said the look and sound I made was just priceless. At first we consider a running battle, as me on foot and the halfling on his clawfoot outstripped it in speed. So everyone else breaks for it and I stay next to it fighting defensively for a round to make sure everyone else got clear. It still hit. Twice. Hard. I asked the DM if those felt like a solid hit from it or a glancing blow. He said the lesser of the two hits was closer to glancing. (/OMG) Even with damage reduction (adamantine warforged), one more hit could have put me down, which would kill the adventure since I was the healer. So, I broke out the math, and Stone Shape, in this ancient STONE temple.. Had hoped to save that trick for our main opponents we were after, but that was one stop that had to be pulled. So along with a line of handholds along the wall, a foot wide perimeter seperated from itself and flatened.. allowing 30+ square feet of 12.5 thick ceiling and floor to give way. Centered on the Drowned. 50 foot fall to the next floor followed by the ceiling slab falling down on top of it. If it isn't dead, it's stuck. Hopefully. In any event the gargantuan scorpion in the room throughly enjoyed the two Emerald Claw soldiers that were on the floor side of the dropped ceiling. ^___^ My character has Profession: Engineering for good reason. -_^
Afterward the DM let us know the Drowned was 20HD, with bonus hp, and we could see the wounds we dealt closing up again, so fast healing too. O.O And rated CR 8. O.o; We were looking at near TPK, it took it three round to bring the highest AC/hp guy (With DR!) to near death. CR 8 my arse. </geek>
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