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First Update! (Better late than never?)

Well, 7 months later and I finally say something. ... Hi!
.. Ok, maybe not the most positive start. At least I knew myself well enough when I picked the title 'Will he ever update?' no?
I made a point to setup this account to try and make a central place to try and keep in touch with people I know online after having been offline for awhile. Alot of 'try' in that last sentence. I made it, never updated, never passed on the username to the couple I still have contact with, and been a mostly quiet presence barely ever chatting or anything.
Admittedly there are some mitigating circumstances; holidays, work, work durning the holidays, bleck, apartment, car, various related annoyances.. etc, etc, whine, moan.. You get the idea.

If somehow you are reading this and don't know me all that well.. prehaps I can share some information about me?
Roleplaying is one of my favorite hobbies: Live Action, Video Games, Pencil and Paper, Dice, Free Form, MMO, Text-based..
That last one is the main place I knew people online from. Starting with story/rp-heavy MUDs back in the day, to MOOs, to a MUCK. I usually focus most my attentions on one place at a time rather than divide my littled attention between places, the last regular place having been PhoenixMUCK, where I particularly enjoyed my time with the Rockman cast as Punk and Katana Panda, though my first character there, Leilong, for what little activity he saw in comparison, was also well enjoyed. My characters there idled out while I was offline following my move, but on return it really seems that Phoenix has died out from my perspective, prehaps this is wrong but it is what I see. I also had begun to play BlackGateMUX before my loss of connection, but with work/holidays/MMO from that year I didn't make enough time to get much done, and upon my return found it was quite dead. Tis a pity, I liked the ideas there.
I have a couple neglected characters in City of Heroes/Villians.
I run a D20 Modern/Fantasy/Future/Conspiracy/Trans-everything campaign in which I confuse my players from multiple angles.
I have a million things on the backburner.. they are stacked kinda unevenly so sometimes they fall over everything and get mixed up with what I'm currently doing.
With a lack of funds I've been absent from my live action games for over a year now, bills=teh suck, and the free one lost their land awhile ago.
I have my own apartment now, which in part explains bills and lost time.
I share said apartment with my wonderful girlfriend. And though it's not really anyone's business, having said that I shall mention that we are not sexually active. Call us old fashioned in that respect and respect that.
I play in a friend's Eberron campaign as a warforged cleric of Onatar.
I have a number of heroes in a local homebrew superhero game.
I have attempted to play a superhero in another friend's Heroes Unlimited campaign, with mixed results, but I'm not dead!
I've been feeling the Text-based bug nipping at my heels again and I've been poking around for a new home to plant my M* RP flag.

Style wise my character preferences tend to roam all over the map, I'll tend to check for underdone/needed characters first and work my way out. I like big poses, but I tend to manage mid-sided ones myself, poor typing speed for the most part. I prefer to get inside a character's head and try to respond as truely as I can to what I belive the characters would act and taking the consquences as best I can within the character. Though I usually take characters that I can, on some level, relate to, or at least strongly understand, though I still manage to be comfortable with a wide range of character types.

Geez.. Am I still rambling away? Didn't start this off to be so long, mainly meant to do a nice, 'Hey! I'm alive!' statement, though once I get started I can lose track of time and just keep going, and going, and going, and going... ow!

Anyhoo, think I'll cut it off there for the moment. Let's hear it for finally posting something!

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