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Would have been three years last monday. Would have been.
Strange how life works out.
If I had money I would have wondered about maybe sending her something.. but that would have been awkward.
Awkward is a big problem now.. Not sure what to say to her, I want to be friends.. though when I was out of work I didn't have much to talk about.. and most stuff I would probably wouldn't interest her, I suppose. I don't mind listening to her talk about things, though I can't offer replies regarding her boyfriend, now fiancee. If she cares for him I hope things work out, but.. I still don't trust like him, I don't like that he would say things that would hurt her, even if she's not supposed to hear, even if he claims he was joking around. There are other things that bother me, but I'm not rambling to talk about him, I'm rambling to talk about her.
Still thinking about her, few times a day.. used to be a lot more. Any romantic or lonely song or story twists at the hole. Think I'm on the road to recovery, though. Still miss her, and would like to be her friend.. Though the hole is developing scar tissue.. it'll be like the one on the end of my finger eventually. Able to function, but it'll always be there, and will still hurt if you poke it directly.
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