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The 20th Post

2005-11-15 17:45:59
Close to six years, and only now making my 20th post.

I think at one point I wanted to save this post for something grand, or at least content-packed.
All in all, I think that is part of why I'm so terrible at social media.
I always feel like I should say something more important, meaningful, etc.
Plus, I don't really seem to like talking about myself all that much.
Sure, there's a whole lot I could ramble about, some good.. a lot bad.. but.. I don't know, I feel bad at sharing.

Well, maybe it isn't just sharing. I'm bad at keeping up with e-mail. I also never chat up anyone in my friend/buddy lists when I venture onto IM programs- partly because I'm sure that by this point they'd be like 'Who are you?'.. and partly because most names in them haven't signed on in years. My typing speed has hovered around terrible most of my life, it was pretty good back in my active days of PhoenixMUCK, but now seems so slow that I'm embarrassed to text RP these days. I forget to visit forums, this site, and the like for months, sometimes years at a time, out of sight out of mind.
I'm just really bad at internet socializing it seems.

I'm trying to get better at it, dusting this off and remembering I set-up a twitter thing recently as well.
Though I've mainly be using it to keep tabs on TotalBiscuit and follow Palladium Books stuff since the account's resurrection.

Also, as a side note, among the bad things of the past year, my main computer [i]melted[/i] a bit. So if anyone seeing this knows how to recover addresses and possibly passwords from BeipMu, I'd appreciate it. There's a few places I'd like to be able to drop back in on, even if I'll probably never see enough time and motivation to get properly involved again. :(

True to my rambling ways, I've lost whatever narrative I had in mind for this post, so I shall end by wishing well to all the people I've ever considered an internet friend, even if I'm just a stranger to them now.
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