theodoric_yerth (theodoric_yerth) wrote,

Woo! Second post!

Well, been working overnight the past week setting new mods for the department, so my brain power for interaction has been nil- Yet now the time of talking begins anew!
Still need to start poking folk with my LJ and see how many I can track down. Only remember the names of a few LJs, the used to have links but there are trapped in my old '98 machine ATM.
In theory this should one of the first posts the next wave will see so.. 'Greetings!' and in some cases, 'Long time no see!'
... I feel like such a n00b in this situation. ._.;

PS: Is the advertising option worth it?

PPS: Have KH1&2 and wonder what you're missing inbetween or want to review? Ahem: Booyah.
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